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We expand our outreach to women out there to join the blockchain movement by doing meetups and other types of trainings

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Cryptocurrency adoption

With our team of programmer experts,we help merchants accept Bitcoin and Dash as a form of payment.

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We offer trainings on the broad spectrum of blockchain and how to use it to better your businesses


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Blockchain in the Construction Industry

The Construction Industry has always been a vital aspect of the infrastructural developments in any country. Our roads, skyscrapers, schools, hospitals, hotels, homes and many others have become a reality because of the Construction Engineers, Managers and other professionals in the industry who have the rare skill of turning visions demonstrated in architectural impressions into […]

A Blockchain-Based Ecosystem of Micropayments in Journalism

The media, particularly the online outlets, lose billions of money annually through uncollected revenues. For every article or image a journalist releases, there should be financial return, unless the journalist is by choice working for free. An ecosystem of micropayments based on the Blockchain in which everyone who reads an article pays a fraction of […]

Blockchain in Issuance and Management of Land Title Deeds

Land is considered as one of the most luxurious assets in any country. In Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, if you own even a small piece of land you are considered one of the rich, because it is costly. In some areas such as the Upper Hill area of Nairobi City, an acre of land goes […]

Blockchain for a Single Source of Truth in Legal Documents

The legal industry is one of the industries that relies heavily on the authenticity and accessibility of truth in form of legal documents. These legal documents are treated in courts as evidence in cases. There are often disputes lodged against the credibility of some legal documents and that may take lawyers in a journey of […]

Using Blockchain to Issue and Manage Property Rights

Property rights include the buying, selling and renting rights of a property. There is a lot of bulkiness involved in the management of property rights in almost any country around the world including the developed countries; the difference is not significant as anyone would think. If you think this statement is farfetched just visit your […]

Blockchain in Hospitality/Hotel Industry

Blockchain technology has increased in popularity over the past few years since inception especially in the past two years where we have seen high rates of adoption. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that dispenses trust in all our transactions. It makes it possible for companies to ensure that there is immutability in transactions, in […]

Regulatory Sandboxes to Spurt Growth of Fintechs

Financial technologies (also referred to as Fintechs) are increasing in growth and popularity in the global financial sectors. This is doubtlessly revolutionary and could change the way we hold cash and transact within and across borders. Major banks and other financial institutions such as JP Chase, Wallstreet banks and banks in African countries such as […]

Blockchain Expectations in 2019

Blockchain became the most popularly searched new technology in 2019 whether in form of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ICOs and others. The number of institutions offering Blockchain courses and programs increased sharply with Stanford University standing out as the top University offering Blockchain courses. Several Blockchain conferences, seminars, summits and consultative meetings were held in different parts […]

Blockchain Tokenization for Business Enterprises

Blockchain has become a very useful technology over the past few years after inceptio. However, most of the popularity of Blockchain has been revolving around Cryptocurrencies. There are many ways through which Blockchain Technology can be used in businesses across industries. If you are still wondering what Blockchain is, let me not ignore you. Blockchain […]

Simply, What is Blockchain?

‘If you cannot explain it simply you do not understand it’; in layman’s language I am going to explain what Blockchain is.  First, we consider two basic terms i.e. Bitcoin and Blockchain Bitcoin is digital money Blockchain is the technology that enables the movement of digital money from one entity to another. By this we […]