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Blockchain Expectations in 2019

Blockchain became the most popularly searched new technology in 2019 whether in form of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ICOs and others. The number of institutions offering Blockchain courses and programs increased sharply with Stanford University standing out as the top University offering Blockchain courses. Several Blockchain conferences, seminars, summits and consultative meetings were held in different parts of the world including in Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, America, China and even in Japan. These events were either sponsored by Blockchain startups, government bodies such as the EU or Blockchain enthusiasts. It was a great sign that Blockchain is increasingly growing in adoption and awareness.

However, in 2019, all what you saw in 2018 may just be child’s play. We are set to see almost double the Blockchain events we saw in 2018 as new government bodies put in their budgets to host Blockchain trainings and events for their members and even the public. More institutions especially private universities and colleges are expected to launch new curricula for learning Blockchain and run a series of Blockchain programs that will help disseminate the knowledge of this technology to the public.

The year has just began and already we can see regulatory organizations keen to engage the public in their decisions regarding Blockchain. A good example is the meeting organized by Capital Markets Authority (CMA) at The Norfork in Nairobi, Kenya to consult on the Regulatory Sandbox. Soon more regulatory bodies will shape up with Blockchain in mind.

Crytocurrencies may also recover from the long wave of bear run that they have gone through in 2018 and start to experience a bull run. This may happen as from March 2019 although for Ethereum (ETH) there has been a bull run seen in early January resulting from the Constantinople upgrade. Let’s see what happens to Ethereum after the upgrade hype cools down. Whatever happens, I project that we could see another bullrun from around March when the year is starting to cool and businesses are stabilizing.

Authored by: Beatrice Wambugu,

                         Betty’s Blockchain,

                         Betty’s Place Restaurant, Nyeri.

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